Coaching pitching from an ice hole

As many of our followers have probably noticed, ice swimming has become one of our favourite hobbies this winter. Dipping into the sea is part of our daily routine here at our Katajanokka office, twice a day has become a standard for us.

Starting the day with a dip gives a nice push to exit the comfort zone, you get drive and energy for the whole day. Whereas, ice swimming in the evening is good for muscle recovery and relaxes the whole body for a deep night sleep. These are just some of the benefits we have noticed. In fact, we are so interested in the sport that we have decided to make our own little empiric experiments on the benefits of cold thermogenesis. We will later write a more thorough article on our experiments.


Interesting times are at hand! Kristian Kurikka Co-founder of Heimo contacted us with a crazy idea. Training pitching from ice hole. to cite Kristian:

”Our problem with pitching has been that it takes longer to explain what we are doing than the time limit allows us. So we will do it in the ice hole and it will probably take less time. We don’t want to do it alone, so we will do it together. I personally believe in supporting others. You have to believe it if you are coming from the country of 5M population.”


We like crazy ideas promoting entrepreneurship & health so we were immediately interested in Kristian’s idea. Now we are collecting a group of entrepreneurs for training sessions for pitching from an ice hole in the capital area. Lifted will be there to motivate & coach the crazy entrepreneurs interested in joining our training sessions.

If you like our idea, join our events in Facebook: 29th of Jan and 19th of Feb. Related to this you can contact us at or

With our training sessions we are getting ready for the main event: Polar Bear Pitching contest on Feb 25th in the North of Finland. Polar Bear Pitching contest is an event where you pitch to investors from the ice hole. Check this video to see what it is all about.


If you have further interest in studying cold thermogenesis, here you can find Tim Ferris’s special podcast on the issue and here you can find Dave Asprey’s take on cold thermogenesis.


Enjoy the winter and keep on swimming!

– Jukka