Helvar & Lifted: Increased Awareness And Smarter Ways Of Working

Helvar is an international lighting technology company specializing in energy efficient components and solutions for lighting intelligence and lighting control systems. Helvar’s solutions create brighter spaces which are designed to save energy and are built for wellbeing. They are home to more than 200 employees across Europe – the headquarters is in Finland and main competence centers are in Finland, Sweden, and the UK. Through a network of sales offices and distribution partners, they serve customers in more than 40 countries.

Helvar investing in its people and their wellbeing

For Helvar, their employees are their most important asset. They wanted to offer tools to support the wellbeing of all of their staff globally. The materials had to be the same for everyone within the global organization, which meant they needed an English-language coaching platform to serve everybody.

A need-based 10-month wellbeing plan 

Together with the Helvar team, we crafted a 10-month wellbeing plan according to the wellbeing approach and needs defined by the company. Starting in August of 2018, we offered three webinar talks on the topics of self-management and stress management as well as a kick-off webinar prior to starting the Lifted WaaS online coaching program.

Please watch the video below for thoughts of Helvar’s CEO Adel Hattab and HR Director Mariella Paroma before starting the Lifted WaaS program.

In November, Helvar employees got started with Lifted WaaS, in addition to which we delivered one more webinar on smart work habits. The English-language coaching platform was available to the company’s employees in Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, offering equal tools for everyone regardless of their location and language, thus building cohesion within the company.

Through the Lifted WaaS platform, people can do self-study on various wellbeing related topics according to personal needs and areas of interest regardless of location, says Paolita Strandberg, HR Project Manager at Helvar. 

The end result: smarter ways of working and increased awareness of wellbeing

After six months in the coaching program, Lifted WaaS has brought about increased awareness of various aspects of wellbeing among Helvar’s employees. It has offered them valuable skills regarding how to improve e.g. nutrition, smarter ways of working, and self-management.

”The program is well structured and it is not too time-consuming. The Work Smarter course supports what I have been recently reading elsewhere and I have been implementing the [rule of the] most important task of the day. [Lifted WaaS] has been one of the supportive elements in me finding better concentration and prioritizing in my work,” says an employee who was one of the most active users of the Lifted WaaS coaching program at Helvar.

The combination of both online and offline, i.e. the use of the Lifted WaaS platform, where each individual can focus on the areas of wellbeing that are most useful to him/her according to his/her current situation, with live-sessions and webinars hosted by the Lifted wellbeing coaching team, was found really useful.

The digital Lifted WaaS platform in English was convenient for this purpose. Helvar’s approach to wellbeing is holistic; we support our employees’ mental, physical and social wellbeing. [The] Lifted WaaS program is very much aligned with that approach,” concludes HR Director Paroma.

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