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We offer provenly effective leadership, teamwork, and self-management trainings and development projects focused on improving both the productivity and well-being of the workplace community.

Transforming strategy into results
Transforming strategy into results

Results and well-being based on strategy and culture

Lifted helps your organization develop the three most important elements for daily success: leadership, teamwork, and self-management. We ensure the training and guidance are aligned with your organization’s strategy and culture. When investments in organizational development are made carefully and intentionally, we can achieve both productivity and well-being. At Lifted, we only take measures which have positive effects on both. Ultimately, we ensure that your organization’s investments have a lasting impact.

We help your organization in the following areas:


Leadership is either your organization’s biggest obstacle or enabler.

Our management and leadership development projects and training elevate your organization’s leadership models and abilities to the desired level. Investments in leadership development have a considerable ROI for our customers.


A successful team is always more than the sum of its parts.

With the help of our training, the members of your workplace community can succeed together! We develop operational models in accordance with your target culture, promote the team spirit, and improve the cooperation capabilities of teams and individuals.


Self-leadership skills are critical for modern knowledge workers.

Everyone can succeed, even in difficult circumstances, when self-knowledge, working methods, and skills are at a high level. Our training supports every member of your organization to grow and use their resources wisely and flexibly.

Lifted – effective leadership and workplace community development and training

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