Self-leadership skills are critical for modern knowledge workers.

Everyone can succeed, even in difficult circumstances, when self-knowledge, working methods, and skills are at a high level. Our training supports every member of your organization to grow and use their resources wisely and flexibly.

Lifted Tampere
Lifted Tampere

Those who know how to manage their own resources succeed

Insufficient skills lead to both overload and inefficiency. It is possible to learn high-quality self-management skills and habits. And it can even be implemented in the organization in a planned and effective way.

By investing in development of self-leadership, you will achieve significant benefits

Productivity increases

The employee achieves better results when one focuses on what is essential in their work. Employee is able to flexibly adapt to changes and unforeseen situations while maintaining a sense of control in one’s working life.

Results and achievements

Employees create more results and achieve feelings of meaning and success on a regular basis.

The experience of significance is emphasized

One’s work is perceived as valuable as part of achieving a common goal. Autonomy in one’s own work as well as opportunities to influence and participate contribute to the experience of meaning.

Engagement increases

The employee feels a growing psychological safety and ability to cope with different situations. Employees are able to develop their skills at work and in their workplace community.

Top experts in self-leadership skills

Our coaches are highly educated, experienced, and inspiring self-leadership experts. As coaching professionals, they know how to support the implementation of leadership principles, operating models, and skills into daily operations in the best possible way in various organizations and situations.

All Lifted team members share these characteristics and capabilities

Deep understanding of how workplace communities, groups, and individuals function successfully

Solid experience and understanding in business and realities of working life

Versatile training, coaching, and facilitation skills combined with pedagogical expertise

Popular themes in our self-leadership training and development programs

Successful self-leadership
Wise working methods and managing one’s own work
Self-leadership in change
Mental well-being
Developing self-knowledge
Harnessing internal motivation into use 
Developing well-being at work
Strengthening resilience
Recovery and stress management
Developing self-direction in the organization

We achieve the best results with long-term and goal-oriented development and training programs

We always tailor our services according to the needs of your organization.

We start the cooperation with you with a kick-off meeting, mapping, and goal-setting.

If necessary, we support the initial survey with surveys, interviews, and orienting pre-work.

We utilize the methods and tools that match the best with your goals in order to maximize the effectiveness of the program.

To implement the common principles, operating models, and lessons learned we additionally utilize, for example, various exercises, work-life experiments, and coaching.

We evaluate the effectiveness of the training several times timely, during and after the program.

Our seamless development programs are designed combining our effective methods and tools

Interactive workshops and lectures

In workshops and lectures, we create a common understanding of the core topics of self-leadership, encourage change, and develop skills in an inspiring and concrete way. The way of working is interactive. Events are held both onsite and remotely, in English and in Finnish.

Individual coaching

Our experienced and certified coaches help employees individually. In coaching, we dive deeper into the challenges and opportunities of worklife and personal development. Coaching provides excellent concrete support for the long-term development in self-leadership and overcoming individual challenges.

Analyses and profiles to develop self-knowledge

We use proven analysis methods such as Workplace Big Five, DiSC, and Peili to understand personality as well as behavior and to improve self-knowledge. The methods work effectively in developing self-leadership, teamwork, and leadership.

Assignments and practical exercises

Transferring new knowledge and skills into practice is guided in a supported manner between the joint events in order to achieve the desired change. Experiences from worklife are reflected both independently and collectively.

Documented principles and guidelines

The target culture and working models are described by jointly prepared principles. The necessary practical instructions and documents for the employees, such as task descriptions, annual calendars, and meeting practices, can be produced together.

Guides and workbooks

If necessary, working models, operating instructions or descriptions, and stories supporting the target culture can be compiled into guides. Workbooks are used in training programs, for example, as planning and monitoring tools for personal development and as an aid in reflection

Group coaching and case clinics

In group coaching and case clinics, challenging and essential issues of working life and the workplace community can be treated constructively under the guidance of an experienced coach. The participants support each other and strengthen the important peer support network of the organization. An experienced facilitator always guides the group towards a solution.

Surveys and effectiveness measuring

We use surveys, interviews, and other research methods to support development. Effectiveness is measured and also boosted with surveys and metrics based on the starting points of the business and the goals of the program.


Virtual learning platform

In a virtual learning platform, the information, support, and inspiration are available when there is a need and time for them. Coaches are available for interactive coaching. The learning platform combines the elements as a concise program.

To whom is Lifted’s self-leadership development  suitable for?

For workplace communities that want to improve and encourage self-leadership and self-direction

For those doing mentally demanding work

For workplace communities promoting better ways of working and prioritization of tasks

For workplace communities that want to succeed in the middle of the change

For organizations with a need and desire to invest especially in work well-being

For experienced and inexperienced knowledge workers

We help professionally small, medium and large organizations in various industries.

We have developed self-leadership i.e. in the following organizations:

metsähallitus lifted
metsähallitus lifted

Do you want to develop self-leadership in your organization?

Book a 30-minute sparring meeting to map your organization’s needs and to plan the most effective actions. We help develop the three most important elements of your company’s daily success: leadership, teamwork, and self-leadership. We are happy to exchange views with you on your development needs, possible solutions, and our experiences from similar situations.

We receive positive feedback from HR decision makers and C-suite leaders from our objective and informative sparring discussions. We will also be happy to make a proposal for further development actions, if this is what we jointly agree upon.

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