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Transforming strategy into results
Transforming strategy into results

Results and well-being based on strategy and culture

Lifted helps your organization develop the three most important elements for daily success: leadership, teamwork, and self-management. We ensure the training and guidance are aligned with your organization’s strategy and culture. When investments in organizational development are made carefully and intentionally, we can achieve both productivity and well-being. At Lifted, we only take measures which have positive effects on both. Ultimately, we ensure that your organization’s investments have a lasting impact.

We help your organization in the following areas:


Leadership is either your organization’s biggest obstacle or enabler.

Our management and leadership development projects and training elevate your organization’s leadership models and abilities to the desired level. Investments in leadership development have a considerable ROI for our customers.


A successful team is always more than the sum of its parts.

With the help of our training, the members of your workplace community can succeed together! We develop operational models in accordance with your target culture, promote the team spirit, and improve the cooperation capabilities of teams and individuals.


Self-leadership skills are critical for modern knowledge workers.

Everyone can succeed, even in difficult circumstances, when self-knowledge, working methods, and skills are at a high level. Our training supports every member of your organization to grow and use their resources wisely and flexibly.

Successful organizational development and training since 2014

We are a Finnish company whose mission is to support workplace communities to succeed sustainably.

Long-term service development, research knowledge, and utilization of accumulated experience are the basis of our effective training and development projects.

Our experienced coaches know how to inspire and encourage leaders, managers, and other members of the workplace community in the development of new operating models, abilities, and skills.

All Lifted team members share these characteristics and capabilities:

Deep understanding of how workplace communities, groups, and individuals function successfully

Solid experience and understanding in business and realities of working life

Versatile training, coaching, and facilitation skills combined with pedagogical expertise


Customer organizations


Trainings per year


Experienced specialists

We are a development partner of hundreds of organizations

Our customers appreciate our ability to always base our solutions on the individual needs of the organization – supporting strategy and target culture.

We are praised for our experience, excellence, efficient processes, and flexible methods for different situations.

Our most significant competitive advantage is the long-term results we achieve with our customers. Our references speak for themselves and stand up to comparison.

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We achieve the best results with long-term development programs. However, we also carry out individual training events, workshops, and lectures tailored to your organization, in Finnish and English, both in-person and remotely.

This is what our customers have to say about our cooperation together

CASE: Fluido

”The training program was not only passive lectures, it offered us concrete tools to support our daily leadership that have been taken into use effectively. I have especially appreciated the substance of provided tools, procedures and team work assignments.

Lifted team understands well what we need – the co-operation has worked very well with them. They are genuinely interested in what our people need in order to develop. Lifted provides also support for organizing and communicating the training program which has been especially useful for us in HR. They did not come to us with a ready package but acted genuinely as partners and tailored the training to meet our needs.”

Pauliina Löytty

Head of People & Culture


CASE: Qvik

“The principles of leadership have significantly clarified the work of supervisors and supported the work of Team Leads at Qvik. The results of coaching leadership have materialized, for example, in one-to-one discussions between Team Leads and team members. Team Leads are able to challenge appropriately and ask high-quality and relevant questions.

Through the training, Team Leads have formed a network that supports and helps each other. Coaching leadership and a coaching culture are desired to be spread throughout the entire organization, to all supervisors and management. Team Leads are also able to demand coaching leadership approach from their own supervisors.”


qvik lifted

CASE: Maria01

As Maria01 grew and welcomed new employees, there was a need to create a shared culture and way of operating. Collaboration with Lifted began with an organizational culture workshop. Lifted was chosen as a partner due to their understanding of growth companies, among other candidates. The culture day was successful and sparked enthusiasm to continue developing in the field of leadership. Maria01’s ”Development as a Leader” leadership development program included sections on leadership team collaboration, individual leadership skills, and membership in the leadership team.

Ville appreciates that Lifted was able to collectively define the needs and build a suitable training program for Maria01. He also praises the smooth collaboration and seamless communication throughout the project. Ville highly recommends Lifted’s training to all organizations that are forward-thinking and eager to develop. ”When you build on a solid foundation, you reap the greatest benefits. The size of the organization doesn’t matter, whether it’s a growth company or a larger enterprise. What’s important is that the organization understands the significance of leadership and organizational culture.”

Ville Simola



We are trusted development partner of e.g. these organizations:

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Case DLA Piper: From shared leadership principles to leadership actions

Commitment to the leadership principles required each partner and 30 supervisors to evaluate their leadership capabilities and supervisor roles

Case Metsähallitus: Elevating leadership and teamwork in Lapland

An extensive development program with Metsähallitus included training and coaching for team leaders and the entire workforce

Case Maria01: Developing management team and leadership model of a growth company

As the company grew and new employees joined, there was a need to create a common culture and way of working. Lifted was chosen as a partner due to our understanding of growth companies, among other factors.

Case Visual Components: Investing in leadership quality and smart time management for sustainable growth

Jointly planned coaching program aimed to establish new shared practices for the fresh leadership team, update leadership principles, emphasize and clarify the importance of leadership, and elevate the entire workforce by enhancing meeting practices

Case Qvik: Coaching leadership model for Team Leads

Liftcast is Lifted’s podcast hosted by Taneli Rantala and Jukka Joutsiniemi, in which we discuss organizational development with top experts and decision-makers in a relaxed and practical manner. In each episode, our aim is to provide you inspiration, fresh perspectives, and valuable insights, along with an assortment of solutions.

Our purpose is to help organizations to succeed sustainably. So, if you want to lift yourself and your organization to the next level, you’re in the right place.

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