Case Fluido: Systematic development of leadership culture and skills

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Fluido is Northern Europe’s leading Salesforce consultancy, with more than 400 employees. These “Fluido Superheroes” work in nine different countries, in eight different offices, but guided by one common set of values.

People and their skills are what the company’s operations revolve around and the well-being of the employees is top priority. In particular, Fluido wants to give its employees time to focus on their own wellbeing and learning, and our goal was to bring an easy and clear medium for this through Lifted coaching.

The theme for the year – Developing leadership culture and skills

This is the second year of cooperation between Fluido and Lifted, and the theme of the year was the systematic development of management, leadership culture, and skills. We interviewed Pauliina Löytty and Hanna Viia of the Fluido People & Culture team about their past year with us.

Planning the training based on the needs and starting levels of the participants

The training was carefully tailored based on the wishes and needs of the participants. At the very beginning, we carried out an initial survey and the participants were able to define the themes of the year themselves based on what were the most important areas of development for them in 2021.

For 2021, the participants chose these three themes as the most important development areas:

  • Succeed with coaching leadership
  • Enabling effective teamwork and commitment of team members
  • Leading in challenging situations and facing conflicts

In addition, personal coaching was available throughout the coaching process for those who wanted to delve even deeper into the development of their own leadership. Participation in the trainings was completely voluntary for all the participants, but due to participant-driven design, the number of participants was high at each training session.

Hanna: Really good themes were chosen as this year’s trainings and personal coaching was an especially good addition. Coaching was highly popular and interesting. It received excellent feedback consistently. Individual coaching also brought a huge additional boost to joint trainings – the insights and leaps in the development of the skills and leadership culture that have come through individual coaching have definitely been the best gift of the whole training.”

Takeaways of the training are already visible in the everyday life at Fluido

Great development has been noticed during the year. Time is given to one’s own learning and the concrete tools that have been covered in the trainings have been introduced in everyday situations. The benefits of the insights brought by the trainings, the tools, and the coaching have been noted and discussed in teams.

Pauliina: ”The training was not just lectures in which one sits passively and listens for a moment but they genuinely provided concrete tools for our work, as well as the individual work of the participants through coaching. I’ve liked that the tools, approaches, and team exercises from the trainings were concrete and practical – not just theoretical. It was great to be able to show once again to our employees and team leads that Fluido is investing in them, providing support, and these themes are important to us.”

It is important for us at Lifted to stay on the pulse of the participants’ experiences during the training. We actively ask for feedback on all our training events and coaching. The participants from Fluido gave great feedback on both the training and the coaching throughout the year.

Hanna: ”We’ve been working with Lifted for a long time, and this year in particular, there was an even greater ”Wow” reaction from the participants. Systematic investments in learning and continuous training is definitely a good thing – it keeps the topics fresh in everyone’s mind.”

Fruitful cooperation continues

Pauliina & Hanna: ”We chose to work with Lifted again because we were happy with last year. The cooperation has always worked really well. They always find out the real need and what people want. Lifted also offers support in overseeing the training, which is especially good when you have a hectic work day. Not only was the training a full ready package but it also was genuinely thought-out and delivered – adapting to our needs.

Lifted had a good understanding of what we needed and what we were looking for. There has been a good ongoing partnership. The trainings are really high quality, so it felt really natural to continue the work together! Satisfied customers here, what’s there more to say!”

Were you inspired by Fluido’s story?

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