SLUSH 2017: How to stay energetic & get the most out of the event

The world’s leading start up event SLUSH is here again this week! If you’re going to attend this event full of tech-heads and revolutionary inventions, you better prepare well. With a good preparation you’re more able to enjoy the day, pitch your plans, share your thoughts and learn new things at the event.

We’ve taken part of the event before and this year we wanted to share our best hacks and tips for the SLUSH event. Even though the event can be exhilarating it can also be very intense – so better make a plan how to keep your energy levels up throughout the SLUSH.

Here’s how we’re going to prepare. Feel free to use some of our hacks for SLUSH, or maybe all of them? If you try them, make sure we know how you feel. Share your thoughts on social media or come say hi at the event – more info about our location is at the end of this post!

1. Plan your day carefully

If you’ve attended SLUSH before, you know that all the plans might change during the SLUSH-days. Still you better plan your day carefully, because then you’re more prepared for the minor changes also. Make a schedule and write down everything you want to see, then a little hassle won’t mess up everything you want to experience.

2. Remember hydration

This might sound like no-brainer, but you better check that you have enough water with you. When you keep yourself hydrated, you also keep your energy levels up all day. Prevent the headache, fatigue and draining energy levels with proper hydration. You can also bottle up something stronger than water – and by that we mean something that includes electrolytes.

Vuoden 2017 hyvinvointitrendit

3. Pack some energizing snacks

Alright, so you’ve packed up some water with you. Then it’s time to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. Pack up some nutritious snacks, so you don’t get tired or hungry in a situation, where you need to focus. We trust Ambronite with this one, because their drinkable supermeal is easy to pack up and use. Just make sure you have a shaker with you and some water, so you can mix up this meal. Ambronite has many different flavors where you can choose your favorite one. We recommend Ambronite because of its’ quality – the meals are prepared with real foods and nothing extra.

4. Start your day with a good routine

Alright, you’ve prepared everything for the big day beforehand. But what can do at the actual day that will keep you focused and ready to bring your a-game to the event? Don’t just rush your way to the venue straight away, but start the morning with a practice. Choose something that serves you the best: for example you might really notice the benefits if you fit a morning meditation into your schedule.

If relaxation ain’t your thing, try morning walk outside and get some fresh air. It’s proven that fresh air helps you focus better and ease your stress levels. If you’re working out, you might want to do a short workout before the event. Whatever is your way to relax and focus better, make sure you’ll have time for it before SLUSH.

5. Start your day with a quality breakfast

Don’t start your day with an empty stomach – make sure you eat something before the event. Again, we’ll go something with nutritious ingredients and quality. If you’re looking for some recipe ideas, you might like our smoothie bowl recipes, which are prepared with Puhdistamo’s products.
Check out our November’s recipe ideas. Unfortunately they’re only in Finnish.

The most important thing with breakfast is to remember that it should include protein, little carbohydrates and good fats. When there’s enough protein, the breakfast will keep you full until the lunch hour.

6. Be aware off the caffeine buzz

When you’re enjoying the SLUSH-fuss, you might want to keep up your energy levels with caffeine. And a cup of coffee might help you to contain the good feeling. But don’t drink too much coffee, otherwise the caffeine might ruin the vibe. You can replace the coffee with Four Sigmatic’s drinks, such as Lion’s mane.

The adaptogenic ingredients help you maintain the energy levels high better: they don’t give you the same rush than coffee does, but you’ll feel more energetic longer. Maybe you’ll meet the Finnish Funguys also at the SLUSH event, who knows?

Lion’s mane doesn’t only keep up your energies, it also helps your brain to function better. If you need to focus and stay sharp for a long time at SLUSH, make sure you pack up some drinkable mushrooms. Yes, you read that right, drinkable mushrooms.

läsnäolo koulutus

7. Schedule time for the recovery & follow-ups

The experience of the SLUSH doesn’t end when you leave the venue. That’s why it’s really important to schedule some time for recovery. As we said before, the event might also be intense. With all the things you’ve learnt and taken with you from the event, it’s good to have some time to reflect it. With SLUSH it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll come up with some interesting meetings and conversations, and it’s important to go them through after the event. Reflect the ones that may include some useful takeaways and follow-up the ones that are the most important ones.

8. Get ”Lifted” during Slush17?

Alright, so now you know how to keep your energy levels up and running throughout the SLUSH 2017. But how to find us at the event? This year we are showcasing our product throughout the event in Samsung Innovators’ Café (7B.2) close to the Founder Stage. More precisely, you can find us at one of the Start-up demo booths located within the Samsung Innovators’ Café. 

Lifted slush 2017 tapahtumassa Verticaln ja Samsungin kanssa

Additionally you can find us at the Vertical Accelerator’s booth on Thursday 30th from 2pm to 5pm & on Friday from 8am to 11am. We’ve been developing our product with Vertical Accelerator during this fall and are now very excited to showcase our improved prduct in their booth during Slush. Vertical booth (6.D6) is located close to the roundtable area.

In case you want to be sure to be able to have a chat with our CEO Taneli Rantala or our co-founder Jukka Joutsiniemi during Slush event days, please send them an email them about your topic and suggested meeting time! ( firstname (at) ).

8.1. Get ”Lifted” by spotting our team members during the event

This our team, our family.

Lifted team


During the Slush we are of course wearing these blue ”I AM LIFTED” t-shirts so you can easily spot us.

Elsa ja Taneli Lifted-paidoissa

Where to find more survival info related to Slush 2017?

Slush organization has done a remarkable job by putting together this Slush Survival Guide for this year’s event. You should check it out!

Have a successful #Slush17 !!!!

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